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A KPFA Classical Christmas In 1958 I put together two hours of Christmas music for the UC Berkeley Library's Christmas party. Later the tapes went with me to KPFA and were used as miscellany to fill out extra time. Fifty years later, here they are for the world.

Green Christmas Scrooge's sales pitch as portrayed by Stan Freberg and his crew has a hollow reverberation.

Venice Preserved Francesco [de Mosto]’s Venice inspired Mary and me to renew our acquaintance with this seminal scattering of islands that has given birth to so much of what we call culture.
Blown by the winds to Siena Sometimes an exhibition of art from a particular time and place reaches out, grabs you by the scruff of the neck and hauls you away to its city of origin.


. . .an anthology of food-related subjects.


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